Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand

After just a two hour drive, North of Bangkok, on route 340, lies a way of life untouched by Western civillisation.

The low river plains and small mountain ranges of Suphan Buri Province, literally translated, The City of Gold is, as peaceful, tranquil and relaxing as you can get.

This historical and cultural city sits on the edge of many great lakes such as Krasaew. With not a westerner in site, its small surrounding population of Thai farmers are more than gracious, caring and hospitable Buddhist hosts.

The City of Gold, was named by King Khun Luang Pha Ngua but was founded some time before in 877-822. There have been many battles with the neighbouring Burmese over the past years, as it was an important border city.

Steeped in centauries’ old Buddhist tradition, its sleepy existents remains one of the unspoilt hot spots, to soak in centuries old rural Thai culture.

Whether its relaxation, a brake away or dealing with more extreme forms of stress and anxiety; Suphan Buri has it all.


As you leave the city, some 40 minutes out and head into Den Chang countryside, peace and serenity starts to overwhelm the senses. The lush green plains of rural Suphan Buri’s sugar crop blow gently in the breeze as you’re transformed into, what only can be described as, the slowing of time.

This is not a place that is in a hurry, ‘we are literally waiting for the crops to grow’. The roads chequered with small farm dwellings, local Thai restaurants and canopied stalls, that slowly barbeque the days catch and harvest.

You start to notice, there’s not a car or motorbike insight and, as you round the many bends to admire the Buddhist temples, set into the rolling mountain ranges, you become aware of the origin of its name.

For me, the Gold, is in the relaxation of the culture. Small families swing in hammocks and share a multitude of the vast number of crops that cover the sun drenched plateaux.

You pass by the many local fisher men, that sit quietly with their rods, observing the gentle currents from there long boats. And before you know it, you have arrived at any number of remote locations that can cater to your many limber needs.


Trancescend Therapy holidays Thailand, empower our clients through a person centred and flexible approach.

We work together with the client to deliver a mixture of relaxation, Counselling and psychology with clinical hypnotherapy, tailored to suite our client’s needs.

Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand is set in 5,358 acres of rural Thailand. Here, you are encouraged to submerge yourself in centuries’ old rural culture and Buddhist philosophy whilst, visiting the many temples lakes and markets.

Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand, truly delivers a seed to table rural Thai experience. Encounter the rich pleasure of picking and sourcing fresh fruit and vegetables for your-self.

Dine, on a variety of fresh water and sea foods handpicked from the local markets and cooked together with local families, recipes that have been handed down; from generation to generation.

Trancescend Therapy holidays Thailand, allow you, to not only taste the variety of locally sourced crops, it also allows you to understand the best techniques for preparing and cooking them whilst, soaking in the personal, friendly and relaxing experience from our team of staff and their families.

It could be said, for those leaving the stresses of a fast-passed life in Europe or else where behind, in exchange for this spirituality, is a therapeutic experience in its self.

What you can expect from the days activities

Exposure Therapy

By experiencing the culture and holistic environment and simply engaging in everyday activities – you will prepare your-self for living a more tranquil life, once back, into the busy demands of western life.

You will learn techniques that allow you to focus your energy on positive mental well- being, lower the symptoms of stress and anxiety and, therefore, combat the many mood disorders and there triggers before they start.

Whether it’s a gentle bike ride round Krasaew Lake to arrive at one of the many Buddhist temples, relaxing at the local spa, or taking in the aromas and ambiance of the local markets, to trekking around the national parks or, picking fruit and vegetables in the plantations for your evening meal, Suphan Buri delivers every time.

Picture your-self drifting on the open water, fishing rod in hand whilst sleepily digesting one of your favourite books you have now, at last, found time to read and on your return, the time to barbeque your catch , floating, on one of the picturesque river homes moored alongside the lake. And if that’s not to your tastes, Suphan Buri is jammed packed with new experiences which are integrated into your daily therapy.

Enjoy a daily mixture of massage, spa, or yoga, before talking your worries away with our highly skilled English therapists. Whatever takes your fancy, our team is here to provide a flexible approach to overcoming personal issues, developing your intimate psychological and physical insights and enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Our integrated style of holistic therapy insures you gain a practical therapeutic experience that you can take back with you and apply to your everyday lives.

Lets look at what therapy has to offer!

Your therapy begins before you arrive, as you begin to fill out some easy questionnaires. These allow our staff to be fully prepared for your arrival, so you can just relax and feel the benefit of your preferred comforts.

Are team are waiting at the airport on your arrival. So, from the minute you arrive you can be assured of a no fuss transfer to the resort.

From food to accommodation and the day’s activities our dedicated staff with, over 20 years’ experience, will be already getting a feel for what will suite you best. Our therapists will also use these questionnaires to start working alongside our staff to incorporate the many different holistic therapies into your day to day activities.

So, you can experience first-hand, the integrated application of therapy, for your preferred goals, whilst soaking up the rural atmosphere of Thai country life.

There will be plenty of down time for you to relax whether on the lake, in the swimming pool, exploring down town, Den Chang and Suphan Buri or, just in the hotel emailing friends with pictures of your new experiences; you will be in safe hands.

A mobile telephone will be provided on arrival with a direct line to your personal assistant and team organiser. A direct line will also be provided for your therapist, who is just a few minutes ride away, if needed, when enjoying some down time.

Our therapists use both person-centred and psychodynamic integrated therapy. Depending on your needs, our therapists also integrate a cognitive behavioural and clinical hypnotherapeutic approach and psychological education, amongst a few counselling traditions.

So what does all that psycho babel mean, I here you cry? No problem, let me explain in some simple terms.

Person Centred Therapy

Client-centred or person-centred therapy is a counselling approach that recognises the importance for the client to take an active role within his or her own therapy. Here you are encouraged to take your own direction of empowerment supported by the therapist.

The aim is to try to keep you in the present so to clarify your insights and promote self- independence and positive internal recognition, without, heavily relying on social networks that, at times can lower your self-esteem. Person centred therapy allows clients to boost self-esteem and confidence. Our therapists will promote an understanding, empathetic and honest approach to whatever may trouble you, allowing you to become the expert to your own integration of fulfilling relationships and expression of true feelings. A useful part to this therapy incorporates assertive training, which allows you to negotiate and attain psychological well-being in a manner that suggests, you are a, confident and adaptive individual.

This technique is great for overcoming those tiresome work colleagues or those energy drainers who we meet on a day to day basis. During your stay with us, you’ll easily begin to focus more, on your present, whilst experiencing the day to day activities and notice, the expectation of western culture sliding away. A perfect environment for life changing experiences! I’m sure you will agree!

Psychodynamic Therapy

A Psychodynamic approach offers the tradition of psychotherapy over a shorter period of time and, is often more intense hence, integrating a person centred approach to support your exploration of past experiences. These past experiences form patterns of emotional content that are linked to fixed ways of behaving whilst in similar situations within the present or the future experiences. Whether these patterns are still conducive to the present experience, or not, we tend to keep on using the same pattern. Psychodynamic therapy helps us pin point where these patterns originated so we can make sense of them, work through them and, make changes in order to overcome them.

Psychological Education

Psychological education is simply suggesting, to ourselves, social and developmental theories that have proven, specific variables, that can be linked to certain personality traits or behaviours.

This type of integrated therapy if, explained systematically, and in an easy to understand manner, can really deepen your understanding of any difficulties you may be experiencing and help to promote change.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Our therapists use an integrated style and mixture of therapies to suite your personal needs. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is immersed into your day to day interactions with your therapist.

Here negative patterns of thought or beliefs, morals and ideals about self and the world, are challenged, in order, to change unwanted patterns of behaviour or treat many mood disorders such as depression.

Analysis from our psychologist will, at times, steer away from the person centred approach to formalise a description of the existence for these personnel troubles. Some light, CBT homework, may be given, so you can apply these new skills to your environment enabling you to practice, away, from the therapy room.

Our team of staff, with your permission, can be made aware of what you might like to work on, therefore incorporating a supportive role whilst on your day to day sight-seeing trips.

And the cream on the cake, Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnosis can be used to overcome a wide range of issues, from pain control too lowering the symptoms of stress and depression, addictions, weight control and attachment difficulties, the list is endless.

Our practitioners, if required, incorporate hypnotherapy into your daily sessions. Firstly, hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation that can be anchored to your own resourceful states out of therapy.

Secondly, and, something that is covered in more detail in the psychological education, when we become stressed or depressed and out of our present focus of attention, our body is using a particular branch of the nervous system to negotiate the demands of a busy schedule. This fight and flight response can cause the release of cortisol’s that become over stimulated and can cause a breakdown of positive neuro biological messages.

Deep breathing or this mindfulness state, whilst under hypnosis, allows the release of the feel good chemicals that, allows you to remain calm and relaxed.

So, an example of how the therapy is integrated into your activities could be morning yoga sessions, alongside hypnotherapy that, really allows you to develop internal experiences and deepen your understanding.

Thirdly, hypnotherapy can suggestively, alter unconscious patterns of ingrained behaviour that really compliment your therapy and so work on many levels of both conscious and unconscious awareness. I’m sure you’ll agree, now you have become a little more aware of the different therapies, your potential for change whilst working with our experienced practitioners will be greatly strengthened.

Meet the Team

Things You Need to Know

Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand, is about as rustic an experience as you can get, we aim to take you right back to the bare essentials that Thai nature has to offer, in order to deepen your therapeutic experience.

So to some degree, there is a small amount of pitching in and immersing yourself within the day to day buying, picking and cooking of the local produce. The degree to which you feel comfortable with pitching in, is entirely left up to you and we don’t expect you to do any heavy exercise, just some gentle guided tours with the opportunity to pick and cook what you gather.

Although you will be, at times surrounded by Thai speakers this is nothing to worry about. Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand will supply you with a basic Thai beginners course before you arrive, so you can learn some basic ways to meet and greet people Thai style, ask for things that you may want or, just enhance your knowledge. Our dedicated English translator is with you every step of the way, when experiencing Thai language and will enable you to have a smooth and flowing conversation with some of the local people you might meet. It is truly a once in a life time adventure.

Thai people are amongst one of the friendliest people you can encounter. They really enjoy meeting foreign people and sharing their cultural experiences with you. They love to prepare and cook food, joke and laugh and generally make you feel a part of the family. And, don’t be surprised if you get asked to sample the local Thai whisky and soda water, it’s very popular around meal times. So let go of any worries you may have in this department.

Our team are there to ensure you experience a relaxing and spiritual holiday that will open your mind to the realisation that life does not have to amount to possessions and status. On the contrary, helping one another, sharing and enjoying the comforts of your own cultivation and hard work, is truly at the heart of rural Thai culture. You won’t see a Donna Karen stiletto shoe in sight or, be confronted with the next door neighbour’s top of the range BMW, you may secretly be longing to own.

The Thai language doesn’t really have, ‘please’ and ‘thankyous’, it really is, just in the interaction. So some translation or interaction may at times seem somewhat abrupt, you’ll soon get used to not having to explain your every move or worry about offending the people around you. There is not much of a good bye either, because it won’t be long before they are dropping in again. So don’t worry you haven’t offended anybody.

Saying ‘no’ in Thai is deemed to confronting, so just remember to give a brief explanation. So for example, “thankyou (Krap), spicy food is too hot for me to eat”. Mi penri, roughly translated ‘no problem’ is at the top of rural Thai culture, along with, it’s ‘up to them’, or it’s, ‘up to you’, people aren’t easily offended. Take notice though, that shouting at or aggression is viewed very negatively.

Thai people may look small, but I can assure you, they are very strong and don’t have many rules for defending themselves. We have all got some knowledge of the Muay Thai kick boxing culture. Thais can be very speedy!!! So a pleasant and calm manner goes along way and ensures you’ll be well liked, quickly.

Yellee Charinrat Khamma

Meet – Yellee, ‘sitting amongst the day’s pick of exotic Dorian’. Yellee has held, over the past 20 years, many different roles in the hospitality industry.

She is an amazing chef and really enjoys creating some of the most wonderful Thai culinary delights. She has achieved an important position as clerk, to some of the Thai army’s important figures and, is excellent at translating language. Her a depth and strong character insures you are in safe hands, as she will be with you every step of the way, sharing co-ordination of venues, sourcing up to date guides and, generally ensuring your day to day happiness.

Yellee is great fun to be around and her loving and caring nature shines through with whatever she is doing. She is a whizz around the local sites and venues and in minutes, has taught you the many important things you need to know about your experiences and integrated you with the locals during your trips out. Certainly one of Suphan Buri’s safe pair of hands!

Nois Jutirat Jirasiiktaweesin

Or just Noey for short, is your Activities Co-ordinator. Nois has over 20 years’ experience working in the hospitality industry.

Her knowledge of the local and surrounding areas is second to none and you’ll quickly find you can gel with her kind, enthusiastic and fun nature. Weather it’s a trip to the spar, sightseeing, barbeques on the river, or, exploring the local markets, Nois is the lady to show you around. Her understanding of local culture and traditions and her, in depth knowledge of rural Suphan Buri ensures, you are in the best care the area has to offer.

You will have direct contact via phone, on your down time at the resort and, Noey is, the lady that will transfer you too and from the airport and resort, too your local day-to-day activities and, generally look after your needs and introduce you to rural Thai culture. Out of tourist season, N is in charge of the Jirasiiktaweesin family business and, manages over 300 hundred Thai staff, on over, 1000 acres of agricultural farm land. So she is definitely, by far, the most experienced tour guide your likely to find. Her knowledge of local Thai families that farm the land, ensures a pleasant and relaxing experience wherever your adventure may take you for dinner.

Rob Rutherford

This is me, Rob Rutherford on, one of my more relaxed days. Just enjoying a traditional barbeque alongside the river.

I have a BSc (honors) in Counselling and Psychology, I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I have over 7 years’ experience working with some of the most difficult clients the Young Offenders Prison, the Probation Service, the Youth Offending Team and Addiction Services had to offer. I specialise in dealing with the many forms of mood disorders that can be triggered from early traumas right through to adult hood which, arise due to experiencing many different forms of stress anxiety and depression, both socially and on a personnel level. My main enthusiasm lies with attachment disorders and how they can manifest themselves through are social interactions in everyday life. These patterns of interaction, can greatly affect our confidence in making significant life choices.

Meet some of the staff at Zantara Massage and spa, just minutes away from the resort.

These guys are in charge of your day to day relaxation and have been providing Trancescend’s clients with their many different therapies for over 4 years. There excellent reputation and there friendly and professional staff ensure you are in the best care the area has to offer.

Who is this experience created for?

This incredible therapeutic and augmented experience has been developed as a flexible approach to the many problems that come from an over extended and busy western schedule. Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand, are designed for singles and couples alike that are, looking to both broaden their lives and address personal issues.

This deeply therapeutic and spiritual experience aids internal understanding and healing whilst, expanding your life experiences. Couples are encouraged to work on their relationships at the same time as experiencing these once in a life time experiences.

Couples are encouraged not only to work on personal and shared goals, but also to develop a new balance and, equity, whilst planning for the integration of these new insights once back at home.

Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand works with a magnitude of personal and social ‘problems’ please check the website for more info.

It is our belief that a person centred approach and flexible attitude to self-healing is the way forward and is needed to be developed in the pursuit of change.

Trancescend Therapy Holidays caters for many different individuals and, couples alike and aims to develop a sophisticated and flexible answer to your personal and social needs.

You need to be, to a degree, adventuress and open to new experiences, but don’t worry if you’re the type to sit back and watch the day go by, here at Trancescend Therapy Holidays we pride ourselves in our ability to cater to, everyone’s individual needs.

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